Thursday, February 11, 2010

New link for the hawkwatch camera at the Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute IT folks have been busy getting the Ustream camera set up, and there is now a different link from what was originally posted.

This is now the link for the live camera:

The nest seems to have made it through the incredible snowstorms of the last five days here in Philadelphia. Already this winter we've had more snow than the last four winters combined, and it is now officially the most snow in a single winter since they began keeping records - and it's only February 11th!

I took this picture last night looking out of my back door as the storm was finally winding down. So much snow.....


  1. Hi Della,
    Lovely pic from your back door. It's days ago now and all of the regulars
    my heroes are flocking and twittering. so much love you all. peg


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