Wednesday, February 24, 2010

KYW radio podcast - Dennis Wint, President of the Franklin Institute, speaking about the hawks

Dennis Wint, President and CEO of the Franklin Institute, spoke at length yesterday with KYW Newsradio about the Franklin hawks and the camera that is providing the 24/7 live feed. Below is the link for this podcast.

Sounds like Dennis is definitely becoming a hawkaholic! It's really great that he and the Franklin Institute are providing such excellent support for the hawks and their nest.

KYW Newsradio 1060 Philadelphia - Franklin Institute Fires Up Its High-Tech Eye On Red-Tailed Hawk Family

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  1. OOps. Hadn't seen this on your blog when I posed the question on FB.
    Did KYW really broadcast this on the radio?

  2. An excerpt of this interview was broadcast - about three minutes worth.

  3. WOW That's a long time for KYW. thanks so much for providing us with the
    entire podcast. Feel as if the CEO has given us tenure.

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