Thursday, June 17, 2010

Part 3 - Video of the newly fledged eyasses

Here is the third part of Karen McCunney's terrific video of the eyasses on their second day off the nest.

You can clearly see how close they perch to the multi-lane Vine Street Expressway underpass. On the positive side, however, this proximity to loud traffic 24/7 since they hatched has made them pretty impervious to any kind of scary noise.

Their flying and perching skills grow literally by the minute as they experience different landing challenges - iron railing fence, light post, stone ledge, wire construction fence. At one point, a fledgling attempts to land in a tree but is too close to the end of the branch which bends under its weight, resulting in lots of flapping before moving on to a thicker branch.


  1. As this week draws to a close, thank you for the mesmerizing and enlightening experience of being able to follow so closely and movingly the coming-into-being and early development of these three baby hawks, and the way that they are watched over, nurtured, and taught by each, and both of their parents. I will miss watching them. Perhaps we will have the privilege, through the wonderful personnel and the facilities of the Franklin Institute,to watch still another generation of hawks emerge into the world of Philadelphia next spring.

  2. My Wife and I agree with the above. The third one
    we call baby since the third egg at least to us seem to take longer to hatch, so to see you video and to see the family gives us great joy.
    TMC and JAC.