Sunday, March 20, 2011

The waiting game

Hawkwatchers everywhere are waiting for the second egg to arrive.  Early on another beautiful  morning, it seemed as if the haggards were waiting too as Kay Meng caught them sitting across from the nest in their favorite tree.

 Soon, the tiercel was soaring away looking for breakfast.

Meanwhile, back at the nest, the egg sat patiently waiting too amidst its trash decor!

 It was not long before the formel returned to sit on her egg.

At various points during the day, the hawks take turn staying on the nest, often sitting up on the front wall surveying their spectacular city views.

 As evening progressed into twilight, the egg was left alone for quite a while...

 ... but as dusk fell, the formel was back in the nest and remained there till we could no longer see her in the darkness.

Hopefully, she is resting up getting ready to lay her second egg tomorrow.


  1. I find the "trash decor" of the nest touching. A true case of human trash becoming other creatures' "treasure".
    Recycling points go to the birds.

  2. TWO EGGS!!! THERE'S TWO EGGS!! Very exciting!!