Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter eyasses hatch

At 6:35 AM Easter morning, the formel stood up and we saw a newly hatched eyass.

But a surprise - there was a second eyass hatching - we had missed the pipping of that egg yesterday.  The second eyass was still in its half shell.

 After inspecting her brood, the formel started to feed #1 from the rat carcass that had been left on the nest overnight.


The tiercel flew in and was clearly aware that something momentous had occurred.   He so wanted the formel to get up so he could see what was happening underneath.

He walked around the nest peering fixedly at her, willing her to move....

.... and then practically sat on top of her.

 Despite all his efforts, she would not move, so off he flew.

Then she stood up, and we could clearly see the second eyass working hard to get out of its shell - about 7:35 AM.

Mom was interested by this development....

... but then remembered #1 needed feeding again, so back to the rat, and more tiny morsels for the eyass only hours old but already feeding vigorously.

So now we wait for #3......stay tuned!


  1. Great screen shot Della, its going to be a awesome summer of Hawkaholic activities!

  2. Thank you for posting, even with all you have to do!

  3. Della, TY, TY, TY, TY! Your coverage is spectacular! How am I ever going to cook dinner today?

  4. Thank you for your amazing pictures and all that you do for this sight. I absolutely agree...your coverage is SPECTACULAR!!! So looking forward to another wonderful adventure...

  5. Is the 2nd one alive? I wish he would move a little bit :(