Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday morning with the hawks

On Sunday morning, Kay, Caroline and I met down at the nest to check out the eyasses from the ground up.  It was good to have Kay's trusty lens back in action!

It was pretty quiet at first with only the occasional bobblehead peeking out at us like a fluffy periscope.

Gradually they became more active...

... and we were treated to some vigorous wing flapping.

The formel flew in with breakfast...

...and scrutinized us with that laser stare.

This is a good view of the stripey markings on her chest...

.... in contrast to the tiercel's spots.

The formel then left the nest for their favorite tree about 50 yards away across the Vine Street expressway.  She perched on the topmost twigs which swayed perilously under her weight, but she seemed quite unconcerned.

The tiercel paid a short visit to the nest...

... and then headed out to hunt...

... leaving his offspring to continue their peaceful Sunday morning.


  1. what great pictures!

  2. What's up w the camera? It's been off air for 2 days!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Wonderful to get that view of them.