Friday, June 3, 2011

When will the eyasses fledge?

I asked John Blakeman how long he thought it would be until the eyasses fledged from the nest. He replied:

"The flight feather of these eyasses are still "in the blood," not yet dry and hollow. I can see the enclosing feather sheaths at the bases of the long wing feathers.  Those have to be torn away, allowing the feathers to expand along the entire length.  And they are not yet at full length.  I would think there would be at least another seven days before fledging.
Fledging usually happens only after all the head feathers are fully covering the head, with no down left there. The head feathers are coming in, but not fully yet.  So, I'm guessing some time next week. 

--John Blakeman
Hawk fan Joe Debold shared some pictures on the Franklin Hawkaholic facebook page from his visit to the nest last Sunday which illustrate John's comments.

On this eyass's head, you can see a mix of feathers and fluff.

The eyass on the right might have been the last one to hatch as it has fewer head feathers than its sibling.

So clear your calendars from next Friday onwards for the final days of nest watching.

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