Wednesday, July 27, 2011

News on #3 - she is flying!

Exciting news this evening from Michele Wellard, Assistant Wildlife Rehabilitator at the Schuylkill Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, on #3, the eyass who broke her leg while attempting to fledge in early June:

"Tonight, Number 3 was released from her indoor recovery soft cage to a very large outdoor flight.  She was a little bewildered, but is flying and perching well (not to mention eating).  We are all feeling positive about her recovery.  I'll send pics of her in flight soon."

Carolyn Sutton, who volunteers at the SWRC on Tuesday evenings, sent this additional information:

"#3 has been moved outside! Rick and Michele removed the protective tail covering and we let her loose in one of the flying cages. She took off immediately for the other end, then flew right back at us. We all ducked in unison. LOL. She is simply stunning; flies like a champ; not so good with landings... but then we knew that, didn't we? No concrete here.  Hip hip hooray!!!!!"  

As soon as I receive any additional news of #3, and hopefully, pictures, I will post on the blog.


  1. Maybe her injured leg is still a little tender and surely her "landing" muscles need strengthening. So happy to have all this good news.

    Looking forward to pictures and continuing news. Thanks so much for this much appreciated up date.

  2. What wonderful news! I hope ehr rehab continues well and quickly. May she fly well and prosper.

  3. So very happy to hear the good news about Squishy!

  4. This is FANTASTIC news!! I've been waiting to hear about her. Any idea when she'll rejoin her family? It's going to be AMAZING to see that reunion! It's been so long, it's hard to imagine all the catching up she has to do, learning to hunt. JB, if you're still out there, you're still optimistic, these many weeks later?