Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hawkwatch at the Franklin Institute a finalist in « Most Valuable Blogger « CBS Philly

This blog has been chosen as a finalist in the Most Valuable Blogger Awards.  Fans can vote every day until the contest closes on September 9th.  It is listed in the "Everything Else" category!

Many thanks for all the support - this blog is truly a collaborative effort with so many phenomenal photographers, hawk fans out there in all weathers and times of day sending observations, expert knowledge from John Blakeman and Rick Schubert.  It is a joy to write and share it!

Vote early and often!!

Hawkwatch at the Franklin Institute « Most Valuable Blogger « CBS Philly


  1. Done!
    And will be done again and again!!

    You all deserve this and so much more for al your fabulous hard work.

  2. Hey Della,
    Congrats on the nomination. You and your contributors deserve the win. I will vote as many times as I can!

  3. Has anyone determined how the hawk family faired the rain storms?

  4. Hi Della,

    You can count with my vote from Portugal! Thanks to your stories and your photographer' colaborators you managed to produce a wonderful blog.

  5. Thanks for all the votes, Hawk Fans! Really appreciate your enthusiasm.