Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing so fast....

More wonderful pictures from Kay Meng of our hawk family this past weekend.

A face only a mother could love... along with thousands of hawkaholics!

Standing tall and surveying downtown Philly...

It's tiring having to keep eating squirrel, pigeon and rabbit...

Off goes the tireless tiercel in search of the next meal...

When the formel flies, we can see where that loose feather used to lie in her wing...

These two wonderful parents take a well-earned break in their favorite tree across the Ben Frankin Parkway but still in full view of the nest...


  1. Great pictures Kay - love the faceshot of the eyas!

  2. Seeing these photos adds so much to experiencing the hawks on ustream. Love seeing them perched in their "home tree". And agree with Karen - the faceshot of that babe is priceless.

  3. Fantastic photos! It's so nice to see the eyasses true colors and darling faces, and get a glimpse of life outside the nest for the parents! Thanks Della and KayM!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Thank you Kay for taking these great picture for us to see them closely. Without your pictures, the whole hawks watching wouldn't be so completed.

  5. awesome pics. the baby faces...too precious. From the cam, I swear they have expressions on their little faces. They way they look at each other and their parents. In awe, annoyance, fright, etc. Or they look at each other..what the heck are you doing? I'm sitting here..get off my head!

  6. Could those faces be any cuter? Thanks for sharing the great photos!

  7. As usual, pictures are awesome!!!