Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bobblehead hawks (still only two)

Here is some more footage from earlier today of the newly hatched eyasses starting to get a little more active in the nest. Following the video are some pictures taken later today.

This is just before the second feeding. The formel continued to feed them from the remains of a bird lying just in front of the eyasses.

The formel feeds tiny morsels to her eager offspring, while the remaining egg.... sits there.

When her hatchlings finally can eat no more, she feeds herself. The tiercel is now hunting for the entire family.

The unhatched egg is in the thick of things!

Suddenly, the formel takes off and the eyasses are left alone for one... two... three... four... five long minutes.

How do you spell r-e-l-i-e-f? Seeing the parent land back on the nest!

By the middle of the afternoon, the eyasses had managed to turn around to face the camera. And at 3:45 PM still only two eyasses.

Gene Mancini from the Franklin Institute has posted some additional pictures on the Facebook Hawkaholic page.

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  1. Can you ask John what was the significance of the formel leaving the nest and bringing back the branch of a tree which she then placed on top of the eyasses this afternoon? Thanks