Thursday, April 22, 2010

The third egg hatches!

As the sun rose on the nest this morning, we could see what looked like an eggshell lying beside the formel as she sat with the eyasses underneath her. Did the third egg hatch overnight as the others had?

As the formel moved, we had tantalising glances of this shell but it was hard to be sure if it were empty. The formel seemed to want it out of her way rather than underneath her, so it looked pretty definite that it was an eggshell.

But until we saw that third eyass, we couldn't be sure. Then the formel stood up, and there was #3!

Thanks to CamFan in Oklahoma we have video footage of the first sighting of all three eyasses. The newly hatched one is little less active than its older siblings, but it did get some food at the next feeding.

Because it is two days younger, smaller, weaker than the others, it will have to fight hard for its fair share of food.

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