Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eyass playtime

The eyasses are starting to get quite playful. Last Friday, one of the haggards dropped off some paper in the nest, and in this edited video from CamFan, we see the eyasses playing with the paper. Then when the formel arrives with a new stick, one of the eyasses is totally fascinated by her red tail (at 4:45) and starts pulling on it quite vigorously. As a wise parent, she completely ignores the little attention-getter!

Following the video are some pictures from the last few days.

Feeding the eyasses has become a two-haggard venture. Both birds are hunting now to keep the eyasses supplied with food. The tiercel still brings fresh greenery most days. Look how nicely the little guys line up for their share.

After each meal, they collapse in their usual food coma pile.

Today, we could clearly see that their feathers are starting to poke through the fluff.

This afternoon, they lined up to eat, and then crashed - still in a line! - amidst their fresh spring greenery.


  1. Love it when you tell their story. Makes watching them even better!

  2. Thanks Della and CamFan.
    Feel completely spoiled by your devotion to our mutual interest in the FI

  3. Look how little they look on 5/7 compared to today, 5/12!