Thursday, May 13, 2010

The eyass swallowed the whole mouse!

At a morning food delivery today of a mouse, one of the eyasses grabbed it from the formel and started to swallow it whole. A brief tug-of-war ensued with a sibling before the mouse finally disappeared!

Thanks, CamFan, for this video.

Also, some pictures of the baby-feathered wings spreading ever wider.

The feather casings on the wings and tail are now clearly visible, and grow longer each day.

We will start to see much more wing flapping as the eyasses stretch and work those flight muscles.

Soon, they be doing their flapping practice all at once, and getting closer to the edge of the nest.... heart attack time for hawk watchers.


  1. Yikes! "I can't believe he ate the whole thing!"

  2. Awww....he made mommy proud...finishing that mouse all by himself. The mom even looked down at the ground...pecked once or twice to make sure he got everything. I love when the parents take off from the nest and the babies look on in, "'d she do that.?" In the video...all 3 look up in astonishment.

  3. I think they also watch the parent hawk as it flies into the distance. The nest site gives them great visibility and sight lines.

  4. can tell they look around, by the way they look out..they're little heads..turning this way and that. It's great when their heads move in unison while looking at something. I can't comment on the live feed at FI while at work...but today around 1:20 was dropped off and one of them mantled his food. They're growing quickly!!