Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have wings...will flap

Every day the eyasses grow stronger and more active. In this edited video from Tuesday, May 4 - kindness of CamFan in Oklahoma - we can see them starting to walk, albeit in a pretty wobbly fashion, and stretch out those long wings that will ultimately attain a wingspan of 4 feet.

At about 2.20 in the video, the flapping eyass attempts very unsuccessfully to climb over its siblings. Their tolerance for being bumped into, trampled, and eventually sat on by their sibling is quite remarkable!

The final footage is taken from last year's nest, and shows two of the eyasses on June 3 getting so close to flying. The third eyass is off to the left beyond camera range out on the ledge. Three days later on June 6, Miss Piggy took her ill-advised flight that ended in a dramatic rescue documented in the very first entry in this blog - 99 posts ago!


  1. Wow, I went back and looked at last year's photos of the rescue and the whole family flying and they were amazing! It's hard to believe that these three little poultry peeps will be that big in a few weeks!

  2. Adorable and funny. I liked it at 1'18" when the eyass looked up to see his sibling's wings over him. And later, when one of them crawled over the other two and rolled over them. They were really ROFL.
    I did not watch in 2009, but this segment gave me anidea of wht it will be like to watch them. Scary.

  3. Classic Della! Hope all of our new friends watch this so they can see what they have to look forward to!!!


  4. yikes. fast forward to the next generation!

  5. Are we going to be nostalgic(and unscientific) and give each eyass a name, like we did last year?
    When my daughter and I are out driving, and we spot a hawk soaring, I shout out, "Portico!"

  6. Though I do agree with the Franklin Institute's desire not to name them and to keep these hawks wild, I always thought Portico was such a cool name!