Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot hawks!

On a very hot, humid morning here in Philadelphia, the nest suddenly was empty when all three eyasses hopped onto the ledge.

It won't be long now till they fledge, and the empty nest will be a common sight. The eyasses will continue to visit the nest to hang out at various times during the summer, and the parents (haggards) will drop off food for them on the nest.

The temperature has already climbed into the 80's this morning, and this is how the eyasses looked at 8:45 AM as they tried to stay cool - all three heads pointing into the sliver of shade at the back of the nest.


  1. Thank you Della for this wonderful informative blog. I work for Children's Hospital and we have an office around the corner from the nest. I go over often on my lunch break to view these beautiful birds. I will miss them so when they leave.
    Thanks again,

  2. Once I am done school, I will be able to visit the hawks during the week, so we should coordinate our trips and do some joint hawk-stalking - lots of fun to follow the eyasses as they work on their flying and hunting skills aided by their parents!

  3. I have only seen two eyeasses all day -- has one gone missing? I actually saw the mom and dad visiting the two -- but where is the third?

  4. They are all there - one spent most of the day out on the ledge beside the nest.