Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update on fledging from John Blakeman

I sent John Blakeman the news about the fledging. He is pleased at how well it went, and sent back these observations:

"Thanks for the update on the fledgings. They went rather as I expected.

The strength of their initial flights reflects, once again, the ample amounts of food they consumed during their entire time on the nest. I never saw an instant when food was in short supply, This allowed perfect muscular, nerve, and feather development.

This was just plain perfection, the results of an experienced pair of parent haggards who now know everything it takes to raise a family of eyasses on the Parkway in Philadelphia."

-- John Blakeman


  1. This is a wonderful part of many of our lives. We thank you for the dedication you all have!

  2. This has been such a wonderful adventure into nature. Thank you for providing the vehicle. A definite learning experience.

  3. Thank you, Franklin Institute, for this wonderful experience. I'll see you next year!

  4. Can't thank you all enough for the informative narration
    of this marvelous experience.

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