Sunday, June 13, 2010

Video footage of newly fledged eyasses Part 1

Yesterday morning, June 12, Karen McCunney took this video footage very shortly after the second and third eyasses fledged. The bird on the top of the monument at the start is the formel who is eating the remains of breakfast that she had just removed from the nest.

Then we see the two eyasses in a tree on Winter Street where they landed after their first flight.


  1. Love the video. The only thing I worry about is the cars and people who would interfere unnecessarily when they learn how to get around. But, them hanging on momuments and trees is fun to watch. The cars is what has my heart in my throat. Thanks for keeping us up to date!!

  2. Agree with Anonymous. In that respect young hawks are no different from young humans. In urban areas where there are lots of hawks and humans (and dogs and squirrels), street design must target much slower speeds for cars. Narrower lanes, no urban speedways! Cities for the Animal Kingdom!