Monday, March 21, 2011

And then there were two!

Right on schedule, the formel laid her second egg mid-morning yesterday (Sunday).  Thanks to Marge Goodman for these screen captures taken soon after the egg appeared.

Some tech gremlins bedeviled the Franklin Institute camera placement yesterday, giving us some interesting angles at various times of the day.

Fortunately, they were right on it today, replacing a defective camera bracket, so we're back to a wonderful view of the nest.

                       *             *             *             *             *             *   

For much of today, it was the tiercel (dad) who stayed on the eggs.

 He sat there patiently looking out at the streets below him, and then occasionally into the window behind him.

Every so often, he would stand up, gravely inspect the eggs....

... and then settle back down.

 Sometimes, he would step up onto the high front wall of the nest, and look down on the eggs...

 ... from different vantage points.

Then back down into the nest bowl to check on the eggs...

... and then settle in for more egg-sitting.

If there is a third egg, expect it to arrive sometime on Wednesday.

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