Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eggciting news! Egg #1 just arrived

We have an egg!

These pictures are really dark as the bright afternoon sun in Philadelphia today is creating deep shadows.

At approximately 3:10 PM, the formel stood up and we caught our first glimpse of the eagerly awaited egg.

She then stepped back a little, and we could see it more clearly.

She was quickly joined by the tiercel - proud parents admiring their first-laid! 

And then the formel headed out, soon followed by her mate.

So, now we're off and running for another wonderful spring of hawks


  1. It's an Irish egg!! Woo hoo, here we go again!

  2. I have a close relationship with the hawk. I love this!!!!

    Walk in harmony,

  3. Now THIS is a tremendous first sign of Spring!!

  4. Since I can't keep up "live" I truly appreciate and am so thankful for this blog and photos!

  5. Happy for them and hope all goes well. Many thanks to you who give us this info. Dolly

  6. Awesome! Kay, beautiful shots of these birds, you have a great eye. You really capture their glory. Maureen